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PCFF’s Youth2018-05-23T14:00:46+03:00

Creating the next generation and joint leadership to promote peace

In recent years, the PCFF has been working within Palestinian and Israeli youth groups, who will continue to carry our message of reconciliation onwards

In recent years, the PCFF has also been working with groups of young Palestinian and Israeli adults between the ages of 14 and 27, the sons and daughters of the PCFF families. In the current reality, they don’t get to meet, so the activity is aimed at connecting them to enable the younger PCFF generation to carry on the message of reconciliation to young Israeli and Palestinian people.
The activity includes a few key projects:

  • The Youth Camp for Peace and Reconciliation – a five day camp for 40 Israeli and Palestinian young adults, which includes workshops and shared experiences, dialogue circles, field trips and other leisure and fun activities.
  • Youth delegations overseas – collaborations and hosting youth delegates around the globe, from Japan to the United States.
  • The Young Leadership Group – training the next PCFF generation in various areas, such as facilitation of groups, youth guiding and more.

We invite you to read about the different projects, participate in the activities and join the PCFF youth and young adults groups.