Videos about the PCFF and its activities from different media outlets

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Rami Elhanan, the Israeli Co-General Manager, and Bassam Aramin, the PCFF Palestinian Spokesperson – Channel 11 Kan

Rami Elhanan, the Israeli Co-General Manager – ILTV

Wajih Tmeizi, the PCFF Board of Directors Chairperson – Reshst Beit radio station, Kan

Ram Cohen, After the cancellation of the Dialogue Meeting in Neshser – The Educational TV Channel

Robi Damelin, PCFF Public Relations and Spokesperson – i24

About the PCFF – Alhurra, Arabic-language satellite TV channel

Rami Elhanan – “Good Morning Israel” Radio program, IDF Radio

About the 2017 The Isareli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony – Channel 10 News

PCFF member Roni Hirshenson – at Orly and Guy, Channel 10