Support and Solidarity

Support and Solidarity2021-07-20T22:07:53+03:00

The Forum believes in promoting a just society, with freedom, mutual respect and the prevention of wrongs of any kind – and by all parties – being of utmost importance

The Forum initiates and participates in activities to express its solidarity with disadvantaged and assailed populations and support their struggle

During the month of July 2021, the Forum delivered aid to the Bedouin communities in Tubas, Humza and  Masafer Yatta.

The communities of shepherds in the Jordan Valley, in South Mt. Hebron and other areas in the Palestinian Authority are routinely harassed by the settlers; they are vacated time and again from their lands by the Civil Administration and the IDF, while their homes are torn down and their property confiscated.

The aid included vital equipment and supplies PCFF distributed in Israel for the villages and families whose homes were demolished several times this year by the IDF and Civil Administration and access blocked thereto. The supplies and equipment were designed to arrive before Eid al-Adha – the Festival of the Sacrifice, to provide relief to the residents during the holiday.

Providing the aid was made possible by the collection initiative of Ihab Mazalha and Yehudit Harel who were joined by dozens of volunteers who collected, sorted and organized hundreds of boxes of equipment and vital supplies, thus expressing the solidarity and faith in a shared destiny by both nations.

The supplies that left from Tel Sheva to South Mt. Hebron were organized and funded by the residents of Kuseife and Tel Sheva, primarily Amal and Dalal, and another shipment left from the collection point in Kafr Qara, Wadi Ara.

The Forum will continue to provide support to afflicted families, to residents whose rights were deprived in any way, in the future as well.