Women’s Group

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Throughout the years, the PCFF Women’s Group has produced a variety of significant activities and events all aimed towards spreading the word of reconciliation between the two nations

Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians have participated over the years, calling to change the current situation and to find a solution for the conflict

The Parents Circle Families Forum Women’s Group was born out of a need to express and bring forth the voice of the women in our orgnization. This group has gained momentum and strength since its foundation. Its aim is to equip women from both side of the conflict to acquire an authoritative voice and a real say in any future reconciliation process. The group was formed by some 20 women and has gone on to include more than 150 women from all walks of life who form and participate in a variety of vital international campaigns.

Every March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. We hold large gatherings under the name “Neighbors” – open to the public – focusing on various topics, including the role of women in the reconciliation process. Many of the women in the group have received training to lead dialogue groups, this has become an integral part of our work both in Israel and Palestine and internationally.

The Women’s Group operates numerous vital events and projects, which have become pivotal parts of the organization’s core campaigns: it has put together art exhibitions that have been showcased in museums and galleries all over the world, as well as produced a joint Palestinian-Israeli cookbook, titled “Jam Session”, which has been sold internationally. The group’s Taking Steps for Peace project has been launched in the European Parliament, as well as in the Bundestag in Germany and in the Washington Congress. The group has created and continues to hold intensive workshops, which have become a blessed addition to our work. In addition, in 2020, the Forum launched the “Women’s Leadership Program for Reconciliation”. The program is designed to provide the women members of the PCFF with tools and knowledge to lead activities and projects in view of reinforcing the women and their mutual endeavors, as well as spread the message of reconciliation and peace among both societies.