“The Dialoguers” Program

“The Dialoguers” Program2021-10-29T10:07:17+03:00

A special sequel program for students

The students in this program join a community of young Israelis, acquire knowledge and understanding of the conflict and are committed to peace, reconciliation, empathy and non-violence

“The Dialoguers” is a new program for inquisitive teens who want to ask, understand, explore, listen, talk and impact reality through dialogue. During the program, high school students from all over the country meet twice a month for a conversation, movie, play or workshop on matters related to Israelis, Palestinians, war, peace, identity, culture, justice and what binds and divides them.

For twenty years the PCFF has been conducting dialogue sessions in high schools, recreational centers, academies and youth movements nationwide. In these sessions, the Forum members share their stories of grief as a means of reconciling with the other side. Afterwards, the students conduct an authentic discussion that opens up new avenues of communication.

“The Dialoguers” will answer profound questions that remained unanswered after the one-time dialogue session. The students who participate in the program join a community of Israeli teens, acquire knowledge and an understanding of the conflict and are committed to peace, reconciliation, empathy and non-violence.

If you have taken part in the dialogue session in school, come be a part of this program. Throughout the year we’ll meet for diverse activities, get to know Palestinian teens, expand our knowledge and understanding of the root of the conflict and elaborate on the issues of peace, reconciliation and dialogue.

Some of the sessions will take place online, while others will be face to face. Participation in the program is free of charge.

The program began in October and joining throughout the year is possible without any commitment to the number of sessions.

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