donation to support the continuation of the dialogue sessions in the schools

donation to support the continuation of the dialogue sessions in the schools2023-01-03T23:39:45+02:00



The Dialogue Meeting program of the Bereaved Families Forum is at a critical juncture – we confront weekly incitement and threats on schools, lies and deception, as well as the incoming government that seeks to silence the voices calling for hope, peace, and reconciliation between our two peoples. The Dialogue Meetings are a unique opportunity for high school students to see the current reality through the eyes of the other side.

The Meetings have been running for 20 years with great success in schools across the country. Bereaved Palestinians and Israelis, men and women, share with the students their personal loss. They then discuss their own process of choosing dialogue and reconciliation over revenge, they share their pain, their hope, and the obstacles they have overcome.

We offer the Dialogue Meetings at no cost – they are funded solely by private donations. We ask for your support, so that we can continue to strengthen this vital bridge of hope and reconciliation between our peoples.

Donations are tax-deductible, and the Forum is officially certified, having met the government criteria for “Proper Management.”

If you have any questions regarding donations to the Forum, please write to us at

You can contribute in one of two ways:

  1. Directly to our bank account;

Bereaved Families Forum

Bank Hapoalim 12

Bait Assia Branch: 567

Acct. # 293505

Write to us after donating, and we will send you a receipt.

  1. Alternatively, by credit card or Bit:
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