Nimrod Segev

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Nimrod Segev

Nimrod was killed in 2006, he was 28 years old.


My dear Nimrodi,

I’m on one of the visits to the military cemetery, to your grave, just a few days before National Memorial Day. Wondering what the date is today and suddenly I realize that starting on 9.8.2006 every day is 9.8. Every day is the day you started to be missing and every day has the same meaning: You are gone.

They say bereaved parents don’t need remembrance days and I think, of course that’s true.

Yes. All the people need the reminder of National Memorial Day except the bereaved families. For me the only date that is meaningful is August 9, 2006. Then, thirteen years ago, the destruction occurred. And after that, every single day – it’s all ongoing destruction.

However there is one more remembrance day that has meaning: The Israeli Palestinian Memorial Day. Only from this sharing together, and from the respect that we – the Israelis and the Palestinians – have for one another’s dead – can come an end to the never-ending bloody struggle in which you and so many others have been killed.

This Memorial Day is organized every year (also) by the Families Forum I belong to. The only substantial thing that I did after you were gone, was joining the Israeli Palestinian families forum for reconciliation, tolerance and peace. Supporting such an event, such an operation, is my way, my child, to express my support for peace and reconciliation, and my disgust with the death of more boys, like you, who just sacrifice their lives for nothing. It has to stop. I, for that matter, will not stop taking part in these peace events that will bring an end to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

I love you to death, literally, Nimrodi.


Nimrod’s room in Rosh Pina

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