Events & Activities

The PCFF holds many activities and events to promote reconciliation and peace

The events take place in Israel, Palestine and overseas

Through its years of operation, the PCFF has extended its activities in creative ways, to spread its message, expose the pain of bereavement, and the heavy toll of the conflict, and reach out for reconciliation and peace among the two people. We invite you to read about the activities and to join.

Our main activity: Dialogue Meetings. Israeli and Palestinian PCFF members meet with youth and adults and share their personal stories and explain their decision to work through dialogue rather than revenge, and The Parallel Narrative Experience project. One of the PCFF peak events in recent years is a joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day, in collaboration with the Combatants for Peace movement. The ceremony, which is an annual event on the eve of Memorial Day, is a meaningful event that attracts many participants, seeking mutual consolation and hope.
You are invited to view summaries of Forum activities from the last few years:

The meetings are led by two PCFF members, an Israeli and a Palestinian, who tell their personal stories of bereavement and explain their choice to engage in dialogue instead of revenge
Israelis and Palestinians having dialogue activities in order to learn about the personal and national narratives of the “other” side, as an important step towards reconciliation between the peoples
The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day seeks to remind everyone that war is not a predetermined fate, but only a human choice
In June 2014, just one day before Israel embarked on operation “Protective Edge” (Zuk Eitan), PCFF members came to the Tel Aviv Cinematheque square, where they raised a Dialogue tent for discussions
The PCFF has adopted this day and marks it every year with special activities of reconciliation and dialogue
The Forum initiates and participates in activities to express its solidarity with disadvantaged and assailed populations and support their struggle