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Current Programs

On the Road to Reconciliation

Every year, Israeli and Palestinian PCFF members together, facilitate classroom dialogues to some 14,000 high school students both in Israel and Palestine. They share their personal stories and guide the participants through a discussion about the conflict and the possibility of reconciliation.

The Parallel Narrative Project
This adult education program explores the national and individual narrative of the "other" among Israeli and Palestinian change agents such as journalists, public figures, social workers, educators and civil society leaders. More than 450 people have participated in the parallel narrative module made up of trust-building sessions, history workshops, visits to significant places in the history of the other and dialogue with the other. As part of the project, PCFF produced the documentary, Two Sided Story.

Crack in the Wall
The Israeli-Palestinian Facebook community acts to create a "crack" in the proverbial and literal wall by engaging Palestinians and Israelis in dialogue and providing a platform to express themselves in their own language then translated to the other side. Our Facebook community of more than 28,000 members, provides an unprecedented social network for Israelis and Palestinians to connect.

Reconciliation Paper
The PCFF is currently working together with academics from both sides and with International experts input, to create a "Reconciliation Paper" to be integrated into any future political peace agreements.

Youth Program
The PCFF runs an annual summer camp which has proved to be an extraordinary experience for both sides in the creation of empathy for the "other".

Women's Group
Within the PCFF there is a very active women's group which aims to strengthen the role of women in conflict resolution. The Women's Group meets regularly, engages in joint cooperative projects and holds large public events to engage others in their projects. The Women's Group incorporates powerful storytelling through a photography exhibit (Presence of the Void) culinary arts (Jam Session)and textile arts.

 Past Activities:

Face-to Face Reconciliation Programs - Youth Leadership Seminars, Internet Reconciliation Program, "Messengers of Reconciliation" activity.

Public And Media Activities - "Good Intentions" TV drama series, "Behind the Intentions" A behind-the-scenes documentary film of the making of "Good Intentions", "Offering Reconciliation" art exhibition, "Hello Shalom/Salaam" free Israeli / Palestinian phone chat system, Weekly radio program on the "All for Peace" radio, Overseas lecture delegations. 

Member Activities - Member Seminars and workshops, Professional training for activists, lecturers and spokespeople.