Hope For Change

A joint photography exhibition of young Israelis and Palestinians

A special photography exhibition during the closing event of “Young Ambassadors for Peace”

Twenty young Israelis and Palestinians from bereaved, activist families took part in a process of getting to know the other, sharing narratives and obtaining hands on training in social leadership. During the project the group took part in photography workshops where they obtained basic instruction on how to operate the camera and on the photographic language. In addition to the workshops, participants were asked to document their lives, whereas the guideline was to address the notions of hope – what gives them hope in their lives, and change – what would they like to change in their lives.
Project participants displayed their joint endeavors in Hope4Change, a photography exhibition that reflects the process they underwent. Hundreds of guests attended opening night, Israelis and Palestinians, who heard from the young people about their experiences in the project and to view their works.
The exhibition was displayed at the Jaffa Theater for two weeks during which many visitors arrived, individuals and groups, to view the photographs and hear about the project. During the exhibition, educational activities also took place in the display room with youths from the Arab-Jewish Center in Jaffa and a group of veteran immigrants from Migdal HaEmek. The activity was facilitated by the project participants who exhibited their photographs to the group and took them into their world.