Cartooning in Conflict

A myriad of works by the world’s best cartoonists, including references to the absurdity of war and its tragic implications

The exhibit was displayed in different locations in Israel and around the world, and is still in high demand today

A unique exhibit, the product of a collaboration between the PCFF and the renowned Israeli cartoonist, Michel Kichka, who also served as curator. The exhibition displayed a myriad of works by the world’s best cartoonists who included references to the absurdity of war and its tragic implications. The exhibition was designed to send and establish the belief of PCFF members in peace and reconciliation between people.

The exhibition ran between 2009 and 2010 in Israel and around the globe, including Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, New York, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and at the Edinburgh Festival.
The exhibition inspired a lot of interest and received positive responses and reviews. Media channels were also intrigued by the exhibition, giving it attention in the local television networks of hosting countries.
Even after many years, the exhibition is still in demand and we continue to receive requests to put it on show in additional places around the world.

Michel Kichka, curator:
“The PCFF took upon itself a tough and challenging mission: Challenging for the organizers, who in their characteristic brave and open manner, agreed to present complex work alongside lighter works, and challenging for the artists themselves, who mercilessly referred to the issue of reconciliation, sometimes in a very cynical manner. Some of them attempted to crack this loaded issue by making you smile, others by making you cringe, resulting in a blend of optimism and pessimism which expresses very well the emotional turmoil the parents and families are immersed in.
I can only doff my hat to all PCFF members and hope the smiles will inspire their strength to continue on the path towards the coveted reconciliation.”