The Parents Circle Families Forum - Organizational Information

The Parents Circle - Families Forum (PCFF) is registered as a not-for -profit organization ("Amuta") in Israel, reg. number 580328995, and in the USA. We have a 501 (C) 3 status for tax exempt donations.
 The PCFF operates from two offices, the Israeli office located in Ramat Ef'al (suburb of Tel Aviv) and the Palestinian office in Beit-Jala (south of Jerusalem). We currently employ 13 staff members (directors, project and field coordinators, International relations and administrative staff). The organization is operated and backed up by a large body of volunteers from the bereaved families as trained and experienced lecturers, facilitators and activists. The Forum is supported by a network of friend organizations in the United States, Britain, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Established in 6.9.1998


Mr. Dviri Avraham

Ms. Dviri Emanuella

Mr. Reuven Nir

Mr. Zamir Yehoshua (deceased)

Mr. Roni Hirshenzon

Mr. Maroz Oded

Mr. Gordon Margalit

Mr.Shahak Zvika