International Peace Day

The PCFF has adopted this day and marks it every year with special activities of reconciliation and dialogue

We call upon the leaders to act in every possible way to bring peace to the region and to stop the cycle of hatred and violence

International Peace Day began as a personal initiative of British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley. Gilley called for an entire day without violence in the world, and to promote his initiative he set off on a journey where he met with different people and cultures around the globe. Thanks to Gilley’s successful journey, the UN adopted the idea and in UN Resolution 55/282, September 21 was formally declared a day of International Peace Day, or day of a global cease fire.

International Peace Day is currently understood as a day of a global cease fire and non-violence, a day when all the nations are invited to respect one another and avoid confrontation and hostility, to unite around the idea of peace and to give it priority through discussion and action. Around the world, this day is characterized by a variety of events, including concerts, prayers, school activities, initiatives, volunteering and additional local events.

The PCFF has also adopted this day and marks it every year with special activities of reconciliation and dialogue.

International Peace Day 2020

How Ironical that 2020 International Peace day on the 21st September, coincides with 20 years of the beginning of the 2nd Palestinian Intifada. The Parents Circle – Families Forum is marking these two conflicting events by illustrating the consequence of a conflict which should have ended years ago.

7 families who will never be the same, 7 empty rooms belonging to the ones they lost, before, during and after the Intifada.