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Siham Abu Awaad and Robi Damelin met Lady Yu Sun Tech


Siham Abu Awaad  and Robi Damelin met  Lady Yu Sun Tech
Lady Yu Sun Tech, the wife of UN secretary Ban Ki Moon who accompanied him on his journey to the Middle East met yesterday with Siham Abu-Awaad and Robi Damelin, members of the ‘Parents Circle Bereaved Families Forum'.

Robi Damlein, a member of the forum stated that the meeting was moving and very intimate and lady Yu Sun Tech expressed her immense support for the Parents Circle - Families Forum reconciliation activities. ‘'She encouraged us to continue our efforts for reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians and was particularly interested in the subject of empowering women and protecting children'', stated Robi.

Lady Yu Sun Tech opened yesterday morning with a tour of Al Asqa and immediately afterwards she went with members of the forum to Yad Vashem.

Credits of the photograph: The Parents Circle - Families Forum
Pictured from right to left- Siham Abu Awaad , Yu Sun Tech and Robi Damelin

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