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Steps4Peace: “This is where I need to be”


Coming face to face with the ‘Parents Circle Families Forum', an organization that brings together relatives of victims of the conflict, Israelis and Palestinians. "If we can walk the path of hope, anyone can do it."
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Robi has lost her son. Bushra has lost her son. Neta lost her mother and her brother. Miri has lost her sister. These are just some of the stories that tell a tragedy caused by the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
And yet: "If we, who have lost a loved one, can walk the path of hope, then anyone can do it," the protagonists of 'Parents Circle Families Forum' said with humble strength.


Parents Circle Families Forum

"My name is Bushra and I am from Hebron. I lost my son, his name was Mahmoud. He was my oldest son. I lost him in 2008, I joined the forum four years later".

Parents Circle Families Forum

"I heard of a forum that organizes meetings in Tel Aviv every Saturday, I went to hear them and I thought: "This is where I need to be".

Parents Circle Families Forum
"The members of the Forum are Israeli and Palestinian families: over 600 of them, brought together by the tragedy of losing a family member due to the conflict. The organization was founded 20 years ago, by people like them, who decided to sit together at the same table to talk and converse, to find a solution together".

For Moira, everything changed during one of the trials related to the killing of her husband. Sadly disappointed, she was answering the questions of a journalist, when she saw 25 Israeli and Palestinian people from the Parents Circle who had arrived there to support her and seek justice.


Parents Circle Families Forum
"I was shocked. My whole demeanor had changed when they were coming in, because all these people who are here with me now, I did not realized that they'd come from all over Israel to help me and my family. They were willing to stand with me. A lot of them I didn't know! So, how can you not have hope, after something like that happens in your life?"

The projects carried out by the forum are many. Summer camps for children as well as blood donation and lectures on the history of the country are some of them... but one of the most significant programs is "Steps 4 Peace", implemented by the Women's group, an organization that adopted the symbol of "the bird of peace".

Parents Circle Families Forum

"It's kind of a phoenix, but we found it in some old embroidery and on a [palestinian] dress that Nabila has. So we started to make it on shoes and we took it to New York. Suddenly we realized that there is something magical about these shoes, because everyone wanted them!".

The sneakers and the patches on which every week the women sew this symbol have already been around the world: New York, Hollywood, Berlin and the European Parliament. The goal is not only the financial support of the forum and of the Palestinian women, but also the message to everyone that it is possible to walk the path of reconciliation, rather than that of revenge.

Parents Circle Families Forum

"This is like a second home to me. Here, I have friends who know how I feel and what I went through; it is a common ground and we all have hope. People seem to be saying that we are enemies, but we are not: we are friends, we are very close".
Everyone can make a contribution, by visiting and by following the project on social media with the #steps4peace ashtag.

Parents Circle Families Forum
"It is important that people get another message. Everybody has only the bad and the sad that comes out of Israeli and Palestine. But this is a combination of women who have every reason not to sit together in the same room. Each of us has a [tragic] story to tell and yet lives a miracle: we are sitting here, in the middle of Beit Jala, sewing together, with the intention of making a difference in the world".

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